Document Organization

Let's suppose that you have actually documented the main processes used. How does one access this information? When I first came to my current project, you got handed a huge three ring binder full of information. This was good in that I could read up without even having a computer or access yet. However this got to be a pain when the documents needed to by updated. And as staff transitioned through the project, the binder and documents seemed to get lost.

More recently our application development team put together a small Microsoft Access database. This contained all kinds of information pertinent to our team. It was nice because you could search it based on keywords. Updated were easy. There was some trouble when two or more developers tried to update the same document at the same time. But this was an infrequent occurrence. Since this was a side project, the server where the database was hosted was not up 100% of the time. Still it was a useful project.

Over the last year or two, the project has tried to organize and assemble all documentation in a single place. The goal was to have a common structure for each team. This was a monumental task. A couple people have tried to accomplish the task. They have failed. Now we have a full team working on this. I do not want to be negative, but I am not expecting much from this. The scope is large. And you usually don't get your best people assigned to a task like this. Such a shame.