Oh boy. It has been a long time since I posted an entry to this blog. Well let's get right to it. I want to talk about continuous delivery. In the old days, our team would produce one major software release a year. Then it grew to 2. This year we did 3. I think you see the pattern.

Incremental builds were a way to integrate changes in the system faster. Less changes. So there is less to search through when something goes wrong. When taken to the extreme, this is continuous delivery. You do a release each time you do a build. Damn.

This level of delivery almost requires you to automate the heck out of everything. Problems get exposed right away. You need to be ready for this level of release. Let's get one thing straight. There is going to be pain. We are not ready for this on my project. There is pain all right. However continuous builds will make all the pain come to fruition at once. We can't handle that. Not yet at least.