Agile Evangelism

I read an editorial lately about the relentless evangelism by the Agile tribe. Their attack on traditional waterfall methods is vicious. Sure many software project fails. But don't Agile projects fail as well? I doubt anybody is keeping track of this. I put a picture of Wendy Friedlander up for your amusement. She is one of the agile evangelists out there.

Software projects worked before Agile came around. and they will continue to work after Agile has come and gone. So what is there to truly tie any success to the Agile methodology? As you can tell, I have a lot more questions than answers here.

I am big on unit testing myself. That does not mean I advocate Agile methods. Unit testing itself is not a new technique created by the Agile movement. I will say that I like some ideas behind Test Driven Development (TDD).

One of the blogs I faithfully read is Joel on Software (Jos). Most of the good stuff comes from comments posted by JoS readers. It is funny that Joel has blasted Agile for the main part. He says that you cannot accomplish much when you are writing endless unit tests. And if you don't know Joel, he is big on getting things done.